How Dying Light's everything Dead Island could have been



May 4, 2013

When Riptide released 18 months after the original Dead Island, there was some cause for concern; Techland, a developer not necessarily renowned for the quality of its output, seemed to be pushing itself too far. Those fears were borne out by a sequel that papered over some of the cracks but couldn't overcome the shabbiness at the heart of the original design. When Techland announced another first-person zombie game a mere month after Riptide's release, mere weeks since it announced an all-new game and mere days after the release of a new Call of Juarez, it's understandable those same concerns rise again.

The Polish developer's got an answer to those worries, of sorts. This isn't a Dead Island game, at least not as far as it's willing to admit. It is instead the product of the team's top-tier talent, and is the most ambitious project it's undertaken to date.

"Gunslinger's done, and the Warsaw studio's done with Riptide," says Techland's Blazej Krakowiak. "Now we're working on this - the biggest game in the studio's history, and the perfect opportunity at the beginning of the next generation - and HellRaid. That's it. Obviously we have other stuff cooking, but that's it for now."

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