jan solo

Jul 8, 2014
Saw that this forum had started up from GW360 and as nearly all the forums I have been part of shrivelled up I was hoping this one would kick some life back into a community!

Got the XBone since day 1 and love it. I find it hard to find the time to play much any more due to personal changes and kids - but love Titanfall. I always pick up COD but have no reason why as I am crap at it and find it very dull.

Can't wait for the true Next Gen titles to start appearing and like the look of the co-op mode on Assassins Creed, if it is half as good as the co-op on Splinter Cell from years ago then that is right up my street!

Will be picking up the PS4 soon for a replay of Last of Us and also the upcoming Uncharted.

Any way - good to be here and look me up on Xbox live - I Jan Solo I


May 4, 2013
Good to see another familiar face, hopefully a few others will decide to join up.