I spy with my beardy eye some wonderful new Witcher 3 screenshots



May 4, 2013
Bearded beauty Geralt and his serrated bread-knife sword have appeared in a batch of new Witcher 3 screenshots, fresh out of E3 (via AllGamesBeta).

They give a good look at the older, bearded we've seen Witcher 3's debut trailer - and who we've seen in key artwork. He's on horseback with a monster's head strapped to his steed - the same monster he's seen fighting in other screenshots. Is it from this older Geralt's mouth that The Witcher 3's story is told?

The other screenshots show a younger Geralt whose hair is tied in a ponytail - a familiar look. What's particularly striking about these images is the world around him: the crooked Tudor-style houses, the misty dock, the ruined stone walls, the many different plants and bushes - the attention to detail, in other words.

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