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IGN UK Podcast #187: Give The Dog an Xbone

Discussion in 'Wii-U' started by creaky, May 25, 2013.

  1. creaky

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    We do usually talk about more than one thing over the course of a week in the IGN UK offices, but not this week. This week there has been only One. THE XBOX ONE.

    Join Keza, Krupa, Alex, Stu and a fictional character of our own creation, Dick Mattress, as we discuss the reveal and try hard to cut through the confusion surrounding some of its features. Listen to us struggle to stay on-topic and unsuccessfully stave off giggly nervous exhaustion. We had many questions: is it always online or just not-always online? How did it compare with the PS4 announce? Where are the games? How physical is this "relationship with your TV" supposed to be? Can't anyone stop Kez's microphone from drooping?

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