Inside Metro: Last Light



May 4, 2013

No single console gaming genre is as fiercely competitive as the first-person shooter, and whether it's Call of Duty, Halo, Crysis, Killzone or Battlefield, these are franchises defined just as much by their technological distinctiveness as they are by colossal budgets that run into the tens of millions. Into the fray steps the recent-recently Metro: Last Light from Kiev-based developer 4A Games. It lacks in mega-bucks investment, but despite that deficit, it aims to make up the gap in terms of good storytelling, atmosphere and simply exceptional technology.

The latter is the focus of this latest Digital Foundry article. Of all the tech interviews we've published over the years, one of our favourites remains the Metro 2033 Q&A with 4A's chief technical officer Oles Shishkovstov. Forthright, completely open, highly opinionated and passionate about what he does, Shishkovstov is a brilliant interview subject - and when Deep Silver offered us the opportunity to talk tech with him once more, we couldn't say no.

In this piece, we'll be going in-depth on some of the technical innovations found in Metro: Last Light, we get some remarkable behind-the-scenes information on how 4A dealt with the challenging PlayStation 3 architecture, and perhaps best of all we get a unique insight into the long-term potential of the next-gen consoles - from a rendering architect who clearly knows his stuff.

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