Kinect Sports Rivals Kicks In New Content


May 4, 2013
Earlier this week, exciting new content was added to “Kinect Sports Rivals” that players can download from the Xbox Marketplace to add some style and excitement to their game. There have also been features added to the game and the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub.

Fans of Rare – developer of “Kinect Sports Rivals” – will be excited to see Sponsor Story packs featuring familiar characters and elements from classic titles. These include:

  • Banjo-Kazooie Challenge Pack
  • Battletoads Challenge Pack
  • Blast Corps Challenge Pack
  • Perfect Dark Challenge Pack
  • Viva Pinata Challenge Pack
“Kinect Sports Rivals” players can also purchase vanity packs to add some style to their Champion. The packs available include the Sunglasses Pack, Funglasses Pack, and the Super Salon Pack, or you can get them all in the Super Style Bundle.

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