Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Self Assemble


May 4, 2013
Traveller's Tales used the Lego franchise to do a couple of different DC games, several kinds of Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, and even Harry Potter. So it's only natural that the next big geek franchise it tackled would be Marvel Super Heroes, especially now that the Marvel movie properties are so hot. But far from being a quick cut-and-paste cash in, the new Lego game is every bit as funny, inventive, and captivating as anything the team has worked on.

Due out this October for every current generation system and the PC, the new game features over a hundred playable Marvel characters and loads of familiar Marvel locations. Players will be able to take charge of Thor, Human Torch, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine and even loads of villains as they visit Asgard, Stark Tower, the Savage Land, Asteroid M, the X-Men School, the SHIELD Helicarrier, and just about any other iconic location you can imagine.

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