Leviathan: Warships review



May 4, 2013

The movements of a boat can never be entirely controlled. They are vehicles at the mercy of a greater master, one whose merest breath or motion invites peril. The waves have their own rules, and Leviathan: Warships' first lesson is simple: from a standing start, boats take bloody ages to hit a decent speed.

I didn't even mention getting them at the desired angle in the water. The slow pace of movement is probably the most important thing that needs to click before you can enjoy Leviathan's chilled-out take on turn-based battling. Thankfully, the game explains the basics of manoeuvring, though it then decides it's done enough and leaves the player to figure out everything else. Leviathan is a punchy enough package to invite curiosity, though, with campaign plus multiplayer plus fleet customisation - all of which tie into cross-platform play and cloud saves across PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

With that said, this is not a game for fancy Dans. Leviathan's visuals are little better than functional, and this is exacerbated by the lack of settings and (especially) anti-aliasing; at times, your fleet's just a jaggy mess. The explosion effects aren't any great shakes either. But what Leviathan lacks in grunt it just about smooths over with smart interface design. The radial menu around individual ships is a lovely tool, as are the drag-and-drop targeting reticles for each weapon.

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