Looks like Titanfall is getting four new DLC modes



May 4, 2013
On top of recent additions Wingman and Marked for Death, Respawn Entertainment appears to be planning four brand new modes for Titanfall. Highlight: "Capture the Titan". See if you can work out what that involves.

Titanfall has maintained a burgeoning community since its release in March, and new players appear to be landing all the time thanks to regular injections of free DLC. Speculation about a potential story mode persists but Respawn has suggested that this would be a "step backwards".

Thanks to the decoding activities of one RazorUK, the online universe is now privy to the names - and in some cases, descriptions - of some upcoming modes. Studying the game's June update, which fixed bugs and added two rotary playlists to the game, Razor - edgy character that he/she is - uncovered the following info:
Wingman Last Titan Standing: Last team with Titans standing wins
Marked for Death: Kill the marked pilot
Titan Tag: No description
Capture the Titan: Capture the Titan and bring it to your base
Bodyguard (TITAN_ESCORT): No description
Big Brother:Attack and defend the control panel

While 'Capture the Titan' and 'Big Brother' seem pretty succint, one can only speculate as to what the modes without descriptions may entail. Titan Tag is presumably similar to the playground game, only massively more destructive, while Bodyguard could be akin to one of the VIP variants from the Halo series.

Colour all this rumour and speculation for the moment - Respawn will hopefully have more to say shortly. In the meantime, why not play some of the Titanfall on the new maps in the recent DLC care package?

Source: News: Looks like Titanfall is getting four new DLC modes - OXM UK