March update for Xbox One will tackle spammers


May 4, 2013
The February Xbox One update is just now rolling out to users but Microsoft is already talking about next month’s update, and it looks like the company is taking on spammers.

Xbox Partner Director of Program Management, Mike Ybarra, took to Twitter last night to assure users and Xbox fans that the company is listening to their feedback and that spamming on Xbox Live will soon be tackled.

He went on to explain that those receiving numerous spam messages on the system should filter their lists to friends only. But he also acknowledged that this wasn’t a proper fix and mentioned that March’s Xbox One update will feature a new UI to make reporting spammers a lot easier.

As for what happens to spammers after they get reported, Ybarra was very straightforward about it: “We look at them, we boot them!”.

It’s good to see Microsoft listening to the community and we’re curious to see what other changes the March update will bring.

Source: Mike Ybarra via: IGN