Media Gallery installed


May 4, 2013
I have now installed a media gallery to the site that you will be able to upload and/or embed videos & images to. Once uploaded or embeded you will be able to use the media in posts on the site or share them elsewhere.

A small number of the features of the gallery are
  • You can create your own albums with a number of privacy settings.
  • Users can upload multiple files at a time to the gallery. Just like forum posts.
  • Each category/album can be ordered based on various criteria and each category is paginated (per page limits available as options in the Admin CP)
  • Media items can be liked, edited, deleted, commented on, rated, reported. Comments can be liked, edited, deleted, reported.
  • Media items have easy to use share links. Share the page, the full size image, or even BB Code to copy/paste on other sites or elsewhere on the forum.
  • Full integration with News Feed and Recent Activity.
  • Embed videos from your favourite sites by leveraging the power of BB Code Media sites.
  • Media items can be tagged and popular tags displayed in a tag cloud.
  • Full integration with EXIF data including display of various stats (configurable in options) and re-orientating images.
  • Inline moderation for moderators and inline management for users of media items.
If you run accross any issues whilst using the media system please let us know. The media system is accessable using the following link or from the Meida tab in the main navigation.

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