Meet the New Xbox Live Enforcer: You


May 4, 2013
Yesterday Microsoft took the wraps off two new initiatives for Xbox Live that - it hopes - will make it a better community to be in. One is called One is Enforcement United, which lets XBL subscribers weigh in on if particular content violates Microsoft’s terms of service. The second isXbox Community Level, which lets players "gain levels" and earn prizes by making positive contributions to Xbox Live.

Enforcement United, currently in beta, lets players judge public Gamertags and vote on whether they contain inappropriate language. Users should see randomly selected Gamertags when logging in and can decide if those names are offensive or not. The Xbox Live enforcement team claims that it has implemented an algorithm that can weigh each vote to get a consensus. From there Xbox Live could force a Gamertag change on the offending Xbox Live subscriber. Of course Microsoft knows that the system will have to be balanced and that the names players choose as "offensive" will have to be looked at to make sure no shenanigans are going on.

Only those that can get nto the Xbox Live Ambassadors program are eligible for the Enforcement United program. Currently Microsoft will still only accept Xbox Live Gold members that are at least 18 years or older with a minimum gamer score of 1,500 into the Ambassador program.

Source: GamesBeat