Microsoft begins Xbox Live 'Summer of Arcade'


May 4, 2013
Microsoft kicked off its annual "Summer of Arcade" event for the Xbox 360 on Wednesday with the release of "Brothers: A Tale of Two Suns," which will be followed by three other Xbox Live Arcade releases.

New Arcade games will be released each Wednesday until Aug. 28 with each title costing either 800 or 1200 MS Points ($10 or $15, respectively). The release schedule is as follows:

According to Microsoft's previous announcement of this year's event, users who purchase at least two of the four games in the event will receive a free copy of the "Souls Pack" for the upcoming free-to-play Xbox 360 game "Ascend: Hand of Kul."

Microsoft began its Summer of Arcade event in 2008 and has continued each subsequent summer. In addition to releases from major publishers, well-known indie games such as "LIMBO," "Bastion" and "Braid" have been part of the program.

Source: Major Nelson