Microsoft confirms 'Quantum Break' coming in 2015 to Xbox One



May 4, 2013
One of the first games Microsoft announced when they announced the Xbox One was Quantam Break, they have now announced the game will be coming in 2015.

It's a third person action game from the creators of the Max Payne and Alan Wake series of games. After months of waiting a trailer has been released on the Xbox Wire site, video can be seen below. The video features the developer's Creative director giving more information on the unique mix of gameplay and live action cut scenes that play like episodes of a TV show.

In the video it's revealed the game will centre on Quantam Breaks' hero Jack Joyce as he tries to prevent time from fracturing, the live action sequences focus on his enemies at Monarch Solutions.

Microsoft and Remedy will show off the Quantam Break's gameplay live for the first time in Germany at August's Gamescon show.

Source: Remedy Gives Fans a Sneak Peek at Quantum Break Before its Major Unveil at gamescom