Microsoft integrating Twitter into Xbox One, releasing 35 new entertainment apps



May 4, 2013
Microsoft have announced that they will be integrating Twitter directly in to the Xbox One's TV programming guide.

When Twitter integration launches for Xbox One this year, it will be found in the console’s programming listing, OneGuide, as well as live TV shows themselves. The feature will show users what’s being tweeted in real time by with the press of a controller button, and it will also allow users to retweet or favorite tweets.

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s director of programming, explained how the integration will work in a video uploaded to YouTube. Hryb said the first place users will notice the integration is in OneGuide and a trending section, while live TV will be more interactive.

“The second place you can experience Twitter is in the TV miniguide by pressing the view button on the controller,” he said. “In the mini guide, you can see the conversation that’s happening on Twitter through the stream – that includes relevant hashtags for each show, the [show’s] official Twitter handles, and tweets from the cast and crew.”

No specific release date has been given as yet.

In addition to the Twitter integration, Microsoft announced 35 new entertainment apps coming to the Xbox One – notably including another social network, the Twitter-owned Vine. Microsoft didn’t state if users will be able to record Vine videos with Kinect, however, only saying they will be able to watch videos and browse channels on the social network.

Other Xbox One apps announced today include EPIX, HBO GO, iHeartRadio, Sky News, STARZ Play, Vevo and more. All the major U.S. professional sports leagues will also soon be on the console, as the NBA and NHL will launch official apps; the MLB and NFL already have apps for the platform.

Source: Twitter, Vine, HBO GO, ShowTime Anytime, Comedy Central, and MLG among 45+ New Experiences Coming to Xbox