Microsoft releases 12-minute video of real-time Xbox One dashboard use


May 4, 2013

Microsoft received criticism for releasing a pre-rendered video of the Xbox One dashboard last month, but the company has now released a 12-minute video showcasing the dashboard being used in real-time by company executives.

In the video, led by Xbox Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten and Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Yusuf Mehdi, the full range of Xbox One capabilities are demonstrated, including gaming, television and app usage. Also demonstrated is the next-generation Kinect's recognition features, with the motion-tracking device instantly recognizing Whitten and Mehdi when a cloth is taken off its lens.

By saying "Xbox, show my stuff," the two executives were able to switch back and forth between their customized dashboards, with the console flipping tile colors and arrangements in the process.

The console quickly launches features thanks to its three operating systems that run in parallel. Xbox One has its own operating system for games, while an OS based on the Windows kernel runs the console's apps and dashboard. A third operating system switches between the two, thanks to a Hyper-V implementation.

An accompanying blog post on Microsoft's Xbox Wire news site also touts the features of the dashboard, including recording gameplay clips and running two features simultaneously with the console's snap mode, reminiscent of the same-named feature of Windows 8.

Source: YouTube (Xbox) via Xbox Wire