Microsoft to finally ship Xbox One headset adapter in early March



Jul 21, 2013
Alongside the announcement of an official stereo headset for the Xbox One, Microsoft has also revealed that it will ship a headset adapter for its newest game console in early March for $24.99.

The adapter has been promised since even before the Xbox One launched in November and should make some owners of older headsets happy. The Xbox Wire site states:
Volume controls on the adapter let you adjust chat volume levels and mute your headset’s microphone without taking your hands off the controller. Simply plug the adapter into your controller and connect your compatible stereo headset to enable fantastic chat audio – thanks to integration with Skype’s audio codec.

In-game audio is enabled by connecting stereo headsets with a 3.5mm audio jack, or older Xbox 360 gaming headsets with a 2.5mm chat cable, to the back of the Xbox One via the optical cable or by connecting to a TV via RCA cables.

Microsoft has already announced that not all older headsets will work with the new adapter. They include the company's own Xbox 360 Wireless Headset and Wireless Bluetooth Headset. It also won't support the Warhead or Primer headsets from Tritton.

Headset adapter

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft