Microsoft: Xbox One will let users start playing games while downloading



May 4, 2013
Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console will offer owners a way to purchase and download major retail games the same day they are released on discs, something that Microsoft currently does not allow for the Xbox 360. Now the company has confirmed that when owners decide to buy and download those Xbox One games, they can start playing them before the full download is complete.

Polygon reports that they confirmed this news with a Microsoft spokesperson today. Previously, Microsoft had announced that disc-based Xbox One games would need to install its content the console's 500 GB storage drive. However, Microsoft also confirmed that disc games can still be played while they are being installed; it now appears that same feature will extend to games purchased as a digital download as well.

This will certainly be a huge time saver for Xbox One gamers, especially since the games themselves will likely have large file sizes. Xbox One game discs will be based on Blu-Ray which means that the games themselves could have file sized of well over 10 GB. Sony's rival console, the PlayStation 4, will also allow for downloadable games to be played before their download is complete.

Source: Polygon