Microsoft: Xbox One will support up to eight wireless controllers at once


May 4, 2013
If you managed to get an Xbox One game console when it launches sometime later in November, you will be able to connect up to eight of its official wireless controllers to the console at once. That's the new word from the controller's product page on and it certainly opens up some new possibilities in terms of making Xbox One co-op games that can support up to eight players at once.

The product page also confirms that the Xbox One Wireless Controller will have a range of up to 30 feet. If you want to get Sony's rival PlayStation 4, you may be disappointed to learn that it will only support up to four of its DualShock 4 controllers at once, according to a Twitter statement from Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Sony's worldwide studios.

This is just the latest in a long line of tidbits about the Xbox One controller from Microsoft. The company will bundle one of them with every console and additional controllers can be bought for $59.99 via pre-order. Microsoft has also announced it plans to add PC driver support for the Xbox One controller but that it will not be available until sometime in 2014.

Source: Microsoft