Minerva matter: The Half-Life 2 mod that opened the gates of Valve



May 4, 2013

Adam Foster tells me he's "faintly terrified" by the response to his old Half-Life 2 mod Minerva being released on Steam. Tens of thousands have downloaded it in a couple of weeks and he didn't expect that, he insists. But then he also didn't expect the chain of events that unfolded after he first released Minerva back in 2005. Back then he worked for the European Railway Industry doing web development and programming. Today he talks to me from within the hallowed walls of Valve.


Minerva: Metastasis is a collection (and the first chapter) of single-player Half-Life 2 maps renowned for masterfully efficient level design - think of a slaughtered animal in ye olde poor rural community where not a scrap goes to waste - and for an intriguing story about a megalomaniacal narrator called Minerva.

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