More Features Added To Xbox Beta App for Windows 10


Jun 2, 2013
More features are being added to the Xbox Beta App for Windows 10 this weekend, and there's also news on when Cortana will be added.

Features being added to the program this weekend are:
  • Party text chat – Now available for Xbox Beta app members.
  • Read and reply to messages directly from notifications – Now able to quickly reply directly to the message inline.
  • Activity alert notifications – Real-time notifications when someone else in the Xbox Live community adds you as a friend or likes, shares, or comments on your content.
  • Activity feed sharing – In the top right corner of your activity feed, you'll now see a “share” icon. Click on the icon select and display your recent shareable activity, such as achievements earned, game clips recorded and screenshots taken.
As far as the voice-controlled virtual assistant Cortana is concerned, it will be added to Xbox One preview later this year and released in 2016.