Multiplayer run n' gun platformer Ravensdale comes to Kickstarter


May 4, 2013

Last month Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams developer Black Forest Games announced its intentions to Kickstart its next project, a 1-4 player side-scrolling platformer/shooter called Ravensdale, and now it's launched said crowdfunding campaign.

And why wouldn't it? Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams was born of Kickstarter before it launched last autumn to critical success.

This cartoonishly metal "garage fantasy" epic is set in a medieval oil rig that looks something like a bio-mechanical riff of World of Warcraft with plenty of rustic orcs, goblins and knights - only now they're called "Furnace Orks," "Nitro Goblins" and "Piston Knights," because everything in this world runs off oil. Plus it just sounds cooler that way.

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