Naughty Dog will be pulling Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe Edition and the Explorer’s Pack add-on from P


May 4, 2013
After the reveal of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at last weekend's PlayStation Experience, excitement for the franchise has come back around for a second helping after A Thief's End blew the doors down earlier this year. While we know that The Lost Legacy is Uncharted 4's long awaited Single Player DLC, it apparently has evolved into its own beast over the course of its development cycle, and as such, Naughty Dog has decided to change up how it wants you to buy the pack.

Starting Tuesday, December 13th (two days from now), Naughty Dog will be pulling Uncharted 4's Digital Deluxe Edition and the Explorer's Pack add-on from PSN and instead will offer The Lost Legacy only as a digital or physical standalone purchase.

This would also seem to indicate that The Lost Legacy will end up costing more than the $25 that the Explorer's Pack currently goes for on PSN. So if you're interested in playing The Lost Legacy, you might want to pick up The Explorer's Pack (which includes a download of The Lost Legacy) before it's gone for good. There's currently no word from Naughty Dog on how much The Lost Legacy will cost, but given that the company is willing to produce physical copies, it will likely be more than $25.

Source: [Naughty Dog via NeoGAF]