New Halo 5 info released


Jun 2, 2013
More info on Halo 5 has been announced days before the annual E3 show starts. The Guardian has posted an article after it's first play of the game, not sure how long the article will be around for though.

Below are some of the details released on the game

  • The game's set 8 months after the events of Halo 4
  • The campaign is definitely played from two different persepctives - Master Chief's Blue Team and Agent Locke's Fireteam Osiris
  • Each member of Blue Team has different skills (it's not clear if that's a narrative point or an actual game mechanic)
  • Fireteam Osiris is made up of Agent Locke, Kelly-087, Tanaka and Edward Buck (played by Nathan Fillion)
  • Playing campaign alone, you can order the rest of the Fireteam using a set of simple commands such as "go here, attack that, revive, drive vehicle"
  • Reviving other squad members offers you a reward (not clear what this is right now)
  • Fireteams have dynamic conversations, reacting to what's happening around you
  • The Covenant are an enemy once more, "resurgent and eager to reimpose themselves"
  • Promethean enemies return, and with new enemy types to battle
  • The Arbiter (who we already knew was returning) is fighting against the Covenant
  • Campaign Spartans are given extra abilities on top of the multipler ones (dashes, ground pounds etc.) - "revive" and "tracking"
  • Cortana returns in some respect, saying "The Reclamation has begun" in a cutscene that could be a hallucination or dream
  • Single player maps are bigger than usual, with alternate routes to take and multiple ways to complete objectives - offers options for co-op and replay value
  • Difficulty scales depending on the number of human players - the number of enemies, and their skill levels are affected
  • In co-op, players are encouraged to work in pairs going down different routes
  • Graphics-wise, it is "a huge step forward"
  • The campaign takes you onto Research and Development vessel, the Argent Moon
  • The soundtrack has been re-recorded at Abbey Road, with a piano motif added to the familiar main theme
  • There are 40,000 lines of dialogue in the game
  • Sound effects have been re-recorded in multiple locations
  • Locke has his own bombastic theme tune
Expect to see a lot more info released during E3 starting in a couple of days time.