New site features added


May 4, 2013
We have added a couple of new features to the site today, details below.

Firstly we are starting a Console Database which will be a database of all gaming consoles both past, present and future. There are sections for the 3 major console systems and one for all others, if you think other manufacturers deserve there own category then let us know.

All verified members are able to add entries to the database but for the time being they will be moderated before being made live, this will change in the future.

As always details of what a Verified member means can be found on the Member Status help pages.

The second new feature is called User Onboarding, you should see a widget on the sidebar on the homepage, unless you have completed all the objectives already. This is used to encourage users to complete certain tasks on the site such as adding an avatar or profile banner. Once all task have been completed the widget will disappear from view for you, it will only come back if we change the criteria. An example can be seen below


If you notice any issues with either of these things please let us know.