New Titanfall modes planned


May 4, 2013
Titanfall will receive another DLC map pack, IMC Rising, later this autumn, and Respawn plans to add more new modes and "cool stuff" to the game as free Xbox Live updates. The developer won't support the game indefinitely, however - past a "certain point", it'll need to reallocate resources to unannounced projects.

"Alongside the paid DLC maps we have been doing free content updates, with the next one being on I think the 6th?" the developer's community manager Abbie Heppe told OXM at Gamescom. "So we do have some plans to release some more free content, we've got some cool new modes on the way. But at a certain point, we are going to have to wind down so that we can move on and do other things."

"Because we've done a lot of post launch [support], I mean - six months of updates plus, and that includes Titan Burn Cards, the Insignias for Titans, the Black Market as well as all the normal hotfixes and weapon tweaks and stuff like that, so yeah, at a certain point we've got to give some people a break and then think about where we go next."

Respawn and EA have already committed to the creation of "new Titanfall experiences" - it's not clear whether this refers to a new game, more DLC or a spin-off experience in the Titanfall universe, such as Playfight's short film series. The developer also appears to be working on a new third-person action game, with input from former God of War developer Stig Asmussen.

Titanfall will never be entirely abandoned, of course. "Obviously, if there's anything that totally breaks then yeah, we'll absolutely fix that," said Heppe. "But we're going to have to wind down and then move on. But we still have some cool stuff in the works before that happens."

The upcoming IMC Rising comprises three maps - Backwater, Sandtrap and Zone 18 - for $9.99 US or £7.99. "What I really like about them is I think the design team has been having even more fun with them," Heppe observed, when I asked for specifics. "The more maps you build for the game, the more familiar you become with the cool ways to get pilots to move through the world and really thinking about that Pilot-Titan dynamic.

"I mean, I think that the original maps that shipped with the game do an awesome job of that but - it's like in the last map pack we did there's this cool trap system where there's this sort of Titan-path up the side of the hill, and you can electrify it if you know the right place on the map to trigger the trap. And it's stuff like that: it's really playful. Sandtrap has some really cool interactive parts to it.

"They've really just been experimenting with new and different things to do with the game, so that's where really I find enjoyment in them. I've been playing the DLC a ton - not just the new stuff, but the stuff that already came out, because I just love the way that those maps play."

Source: News: More new Titanfall modes planned, but Respawn needs to "move on and do other things" - OXM UK