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Nintendo is reportedly ending Wii U production this year


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Nintendo's Wii U went on sale in November 2012, but sales of the device since then have been far lower than its PlayStation and Xbox rivals, and lower too than its own predecessor, the hugely popular Wii. The tepid market reception to the console eventually forced the company to slash its sales forecast for its 2013 fiscal year from a projected 9 million units down to just 2.8 million.

It looks like the Wii U's days are now numbered, as Japanese financial journal Nikkei reports that Nintendo is preparing to end production of the console sometime this year. The report also claims that Nintendo has already stopped production of various accessories for the Wii U.

We've known for some time that Nintendo is already working on its next-generation console, under the development codename 'Project NX'. Earlier this year, the company's president said that it won't be a 'successor' to the Wii U, saying that the NX is "something that is based on an entirely new idea".

However, the end of Wii U production - assuming that Nikkei's report is accurate - cannot be taken as implicit confirmation that the NX will go on sale this year.

Source: Nikkei (Google Translate) via @shinobi602

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