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Nintendo Switch might support Netflix in the future

Discussion in 'Switch, DS, DSi and 3DS' started by creaky, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. creaky

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    When the Nintendo Switch released earlier this year, Nintendo decided to keep the hybrid console free of multimedia functions. The Big N made clear that they wanted to make the switch a “gaming console first”, but that didn’t mean they weren't considering adding other apps like Netflix or Hule later on.

    Now, according to user KamehamehaX from GoNintendo, we could be really close to have the app on a Switch. According to him, Netflix has been in negotiations with Nintendo for some time about this topic and they have the app “locked and loaded”. All they need is the green light from Nintendo and the app will be available at the eShop.

    This would make some sense since a Japanese streaming app has been available from July on the Switch. If NicoNico (the streaming service) can work without any technical problems on the Switch, other services can do the same as well.


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