Nintendo Switch will support Micro SDXC Memory Cards with storage up to 2TB


As we know by now, the Nintendo Switch comes packed with a teensy 32GB hard drive. If you are the type who prefers to buy your games digitally, that's just not enough, no matter how hard desperate Nintendoites claim otherwise. Naturally, you won't be stuck with only the 32GB hard drive, as it has been confirmed that the Switch will be compatible with Micro SDXC memory cards. What's exciting about this is that the system can utilize a broad range of sizes; from 256GB all the way up to 2TB.

Nintendo revealed the information in a statement to Game Informer. Here's the statement.

"Nintendo Switch is compatible with the SDXC standard, which supports up to 2TB. (Note that 2TB cards are not yet on the market, but the system will support them when they are.)"

There are positives and negatives to be gleaned from this, as Switch owners will be able to pick and choose just how high (or low) they want to go, and it's all dependent on how much you plan on making the console your go-to gaming machine. It's worth noting that as of right now 2TB Micro SDXC cards are not currently available on the market, and likely won't be by the time the Switch releases on March 3rd. 1TB cards are already new themselves, as SanDisk only revealed the very first 1TB SDXC card back in September and they aren't even available in most places either.

Here's where things can get a bit dicey from a consumer's perspective. These high-end SDXC Card are not cheap, and by not cheap I mean the 500GB variety cost more than the Switch itself. So you basically have to double your money if you want enough space to equal that of a standard Xbox One or PS4.

Early Switch adopters will have some decisions looming as we move closer to the console's March 3rd release date. More than likely, many will not need these micro cards, especially if they choose to buy physical copies. And on top of that, you have to figure that the cost of memory, especially once the 1TB and 2TB Micro SDXC cards are on the market, will go down to keep things (relatively) affordable.

Source: [Game Informer]

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