Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 review


May 4, 2013

Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan ushered in a new era of single-chip GPU performance - the ultimate example of the power and performance of the firm's wildly successful "Kepler" architecture. But that level of pure GPU grunt came at a cost - a vast one. Titan retailed at £850 in the UK and $1000 in North America. Nvidia had defined a new "luxury" price point for its most capable graphics card, but the price vs. performance maths just didn't work out - Titan was twice the cost of the GTX 680 for just a 50 per cent boost in frame-rates.

Despite that, the allure of Titan was difficult to resist for the ultra-hardcore enthusiast - Nvidia sold every unit it produced. Indeed, Titan even outsold the more powerful dual-GPU GTX 690, which retailed at the same price. However, we've got the feeling that this rush for the gold standard in gaming performance from the most committed of PC gamers may now be coming to a close with the release of the new GTX 780.

The GTX 780 lops off £300/$350 from the price of the Titan, but in many ways it is exactly the same product - the same PCB, the same premium, magnesium-effect aluminium casing, the same ultra-quiet cooling system and crucially the same 7.1-billion transistor GK110 processor.

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