Oculus Rift hires ex-Valve Team Fortress 2 VR specialist



May 4, 2013

The company behind Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset for 3D games, has hired Valve's former Team Fortress 2 VR specialist.

Tom Forsyth, who was working with Joe Ludwig and Michael Abrash on TF2 in VR while at Valve until recently, joined Oculus' team of 20 in-house engineers, the company announced. He will focus on the Oculus Rift SDK and dip his toe on "top secret" VR R&D projects. Hopefully one of them is like that thing in Lawnmower Man.

"The Rift is a great bit of kit and combines a bunch of different technology together in a very clever package," Forsyth said. "It was amazing working with it on Team Fortress 2 and seeing the extra immersion people felt inside a game they already knew so well. I'm really looking forward to helping other developers work with this tech as we go towards a consumer version."

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