OZombie to be renamed something less terrible


May 4, 2013

An American McGee game set in a twisted alternate version of Oz sounds like an intriguing prospect. One called "OZombie," however, not so much. As a result, the Alice creator is going to rename the game to something less groan-inducing.

"'OZombie' is causing too much confusion," said McGee in a Kickstarter update. "'American McGee's Oz' would be great if that name weren't owned by Atari and others. We need a new name and will come up with one shortly. Suggestions?"

McGee is also removing the recently added Alice film rights stretch goal from The-Game-Formerly-Known-As-OZombie's Kickstarter. Unfortunately, Kickstarter won't let McGee remove tiers once backers have selected them, so the 80 or so people who donated to this are being e-mailed and asked to drop their "Alice" selection. Once that's done McGee will start a separate campaign for the Alice movie.

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