Penny Arcade Episodes 3 & 4 developer Zeboyd Games announces turn-based RPG Cosmic Star Heroine


May 4, 2013

Zeboyd Games, the studio behind Cthulhu Saves the World and Penny Arcade Adventures Episodes 3 & 4, has announced its next game, a sci-fi turn-based RPG entitled Cosmic Star Heroine.

Cosmic Star Heroine will star an ex-government spy named Alyssa L'Salle who, upon uncovering a conspiracy, gets disavowed by the agency she works for and has her identity leaked. Now she's half famous celebrity hero, half most wanted by all the criminals she's busted over the years.

Little is known about the game at this juncture, but Zeboyd noted on its official site that it will maintain the studio's penchant for 2D pixel art, only now with more animated ally sprites. It also won't have separate battle screens for combat, and players will be able to customise their own spy headquarters by recruiting agents ala Suikoden. You'll also carry a gun that turns into a bo, because we're all sick of guns that turn into swords.

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