Physics-based platformer/puzzler Organic Panic looks rather dynamic



May 4, 2013

Organic Panic is an easy game to write off based on its concept art and premise. Casting the player as a group of cartoon fruits and vegetables fighting off nefarious meats and cheeses seems like the sort of pandering, kid-friendly "edutainment" shovelware we'd expect to find in an elementary school computer lab rather than on an adult's home console. Rushing to judgment would be a mistake, however, as beneath its VeggieTales-esque veneer, Organic Panic looks like a very fun physics-based platformer/puzzler with extremely dynamic environments.

The main appeal is that everything in the environment is destructible and elements will all interact with one another. Drill a hole at the bottom of a pool and watch the water flood a different section of the level. Start a fire and it will burn though wood, or levitate a boulder and watch it crumble rickety structures. Each of the four sentient fruits and vegetables you play as can control a different element. Cherry controls earth, Kiwi water, Carrot fire, and Coconut gravity.

Organic Panic will feature a full single-player campaign as well as both co-op and competitive multiplayer modes.

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