Plagiarised versions of Magnetized made it onto XBLIG, Google Play


May 4, 2013

On 8th April Taiwanese indie developer Rocky Hong unleashed his addictive physics-based arcade puzzler Magnetized onto Kongregate. Earlier this month, the same game appeared on XBLIG. Hong only discovered this upon browsing the marketplace. He never gave anyone permission to port it.

It wasn't just XBLIG, either, as Android and Windows 8/RT versions were found as well.

Hong took to the comments on an article at to explain that he didn't develop these ports and the game was supposed to be free, unlike the $1 XBLIG version plagiarised by Connect Media UG. Even more suspiciously, Hong noted "This XBLIG version of Magnetized has been block[ed] in Taiwan. So I can't download and find it in my country."

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