PlayStation 4 update lets you sneak a peek at hidden trophies


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Wondering what you need to do to earn those pesky hidden PlayStation trophies? Wonder no more.

The PS4 4.00 update has rolled out, bringing with it some interesting new features, like the ability to create folders and a ‘quick menu’ that makes navigation a bit easier.

One less publicised feature of the new update, however, is the ability to check the text on ‘hidden trophies’, the ones that you can’t work towards because you don’t know the criteria (unless you looked them up, of course).

As Gamesradar discovered, you can now press the square button on a hidden trophy to show the hidden information. This will make it a bit easier for trophy-fiends to seek out those Platinums, although it’s worth noting that trophy information is often hidden because of story spoilers.


The 4.00 update is available now.

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