launches new PSN Toolbar


Log in to and you'll find a new PSN Toolbar designed to keep you connected to your Notifications, Messages and Friends, even when you are away from your PS4.

"Your Friends list will be fully accessible via the toolbar, giving you a snapshot of which friends are online before you hop into a game," explains James Fairbairn, Product Manager, PSN. "The Messages tab includes the ability to send and receive stickers, images, text, and voice messages all from the web.

"You’ll also be able to keep track of friend requests, Party invitations, and game invitations from the Notifications tab until you can get to your console."

It's great to have this functionality, though we can't help but feel most PlayStation gamers don't usually spend their time browsing You're probably better served by downloading the official PlayStation App, which provides the same connected experience, without the need to have your browser pointed at


Source: PlayStation Blog

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