PlayStation Home shutting down in March


May 4, 2013
PlayStation Home will shut down on March 31, 2015, Sony announced this week.

PlayStation community posts confirmed that the "social gaming platform" will cease publishing new content on November 12. The Japanese version preceded its European counterpart into obsolescence last year.

Players will not be able to "download content" past December 3, however Sony plans to release a substantial amount of free content for the game prior to its closure.

Home entered open beta in 2008 as a platform for PlayStation 3 owners to meet up and interact with customizable avatars. Also notable for the time were its living spaces, which players could decorate and upgrade.

Though the service was initially positioned as an integral part of the PS3 experience, with plans for a dedicated Trophy Room to let players show off their prowess in other games, PS Home largely served as a gathering place for its own community.

Promotional areas for Sony games and sponsored products offered players new items and apparel for their avatars, some as rewards for good performance in playable mini-games.

Sony said the service has hosted "tens of millions of users" from around the world since it opened.

Source: Home Screenshots - CVG UK