PS4 Exclusive Days Gone has been delayed to April 2019


Days Gone, the open-world zombie action-adventure game by Sony Studio Bend has been delayed. The PlayStation 4 exclusive game is now slated to arrive on April 26, 2019 instead of its original February release.

The two months extra development time given to developer Bend will be used to further polish the ambitious game. Sony is pretty honest for their reasoning behind the delay however, as they cite a busy time frame for February. It’s true, next February is already packed with some expected heavy hitters. Undoubtedly the biggest game that month is going to be Anthem, EA’s answer to Destiny.

No matter how good Days Gone is going to be, EA has been massively pushing Anthem for a while now and expectations are sky-high among fans. But also mindshare, and that is what could likely have hurt Days Gone. The sheer amount of attention among gamers will likely be focused on Anthem. Other notable releases are Metro Exodus, another open-world zombie game and similarly to Anthem, it also has seen continued PR done by Microsoft. And if that wasn’t enough, Crackdown 3 is coming out as well that month. Yet another open-world action game which has been talked about a lot but for rather wrong reasons.

Either way, February looks like a packed month, full of AAA open-world games. With Resident Evil 2 coming late January, gamers might very well be saturated by zombie, too. As such, the decision to delay Days Gone into April might give the game a well-deserved spotlight. All we’ve seen so far have instilled us with confidence that Bend will make a triumphant return into console game development.

Sony has been very confident in Days Gone since its reveal and never shied away from letting their game do the talking. Today’s delay isn’t changing anything in that as it has been made very clear that not the game’s development was the reason.

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