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PS4 Firmware 3.50 Has Hidden Features

Discussion in 'PS4' started by creaky, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. creaky

    creaky Admin

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    The PlayStation 4's latest firmware has some hidden features which Sony didn't go shouting about when releasing the update.

    These features include the return of the ability to stream music through a USB drive, while you can now also turn off the notification message confirming a screenshot was taken.

    Other new features include the ability to limit the size of parties from 2-8 people. Even the way trophy screenshots are taken has been tweaked, with the resulting screenshots now having the trophy notification superimposed on them, with the screenshot now taken at the exact moment the trophy unlocks.

    Sony has also tweaked the Network speed test, so you should get more accurate results when doing an internet speed test.

    Want more? Well the PS4 now supports 4TB hard drives, although we're not sure one actually exists which fits the PS4 at the moment.

    Finally you can now remove suggestions from the "People You May Know List," if you are fed up looking at them.
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  2. grjoker

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    Looking for one now lol

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