PS4 Update Now Lets You Make GIFs From Game Clips


Jun 2, 2013
The ShareFactory application has been updated on PlayStation 4, and a new change means you can now turn game clips into animated GIFs.

According to Kotaku, who also has a handy tutorial, if you've patched up to the latest version, you can now make GIFs from any videos, including ones you've already captured on the system, as well as ones you've already edited in the app before.

Simply select a start point for your GIF and the app will create a nine second loop which you can then trim down to the length you'd like.

You'll have to press the Share button to actually save your GIF, which will bring up the option to Tweet it out. However, you can select Share Later instead and the GIF will be saved to your system in the ShareFactory folder of your Capture Gallery.

The GIFs created are just 400 pixels wide and a few MB in terms of file size.