Pubcast 71: With Luke 'That's Ridiculous!' Reilly


May 4, 2013
It's the phenomenon that's taken the internet by storm. Certainly there hasn't been a catchphrase this addictive since it was a game show hosted by "Baby" John Burgess. In the A to Z of great catchphrases (specifically from Fonzie's "Aye" to Bruce Willis' "Zed's dead"), one signature sign-off stands tall...

That's right (and also ridiculous), we've got him on the Pubcast, people! Luke 'That's Ridiculous!' Reilly, he of 'That's Ridiculous!' fame and writer/performer of That's Ridiculous! (feat. MC Ridiculous) and 2 That's 2 Ridiculous! (feat. Sisqo) is the special guest star of Pubcast Episode 71! Will he say the line? Will the That's Ridiculous! dancers perform? Will we ever tire of this catchphrase gag?

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