PUBG's new winter-themed map, Vikendi, is out now on Xbox One


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Last month, PUBG Corporation announced that a new snowy mountainous region was being added to its popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The map, Vikendi, was initially brought to PC users on Steam, with a console release slated for January. The video game publisher also recently revealed that an 'awesome patch' would be coming to PC test servers this week, bringing a new 'night mode' for Vikendi, along with other additions.

Microsoft has now announced that the winter-themed map is available to play for Xbox One users, along with a Survivor Pass which is free to access, though it also has a premium subscription for exclusive rewards.

Vikendi is a 6x6km island and the fourth playable map in the game, alongside Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. The map adds a new aspect to the gameplay of PUBG, as the snowy terrain leads to footprints being left behind in the snow, which can disclose players' recent locations to their enemies. Vikendi also features snowmobiles to help players traverse the map quicker, though the slippery nature of the terrain requires vehicles to be more carefully controlled as well.


The Survivor Pass: Vikendi DLC released with the map will enable players to complete missions and earn rewards over the course of the next few weeks. Although this will be available as a free download to owners of the title, a Premium version of the Survivor Pass is offered as well for $9.99, offering exclusive rewards, more missions, and faster levelling. Boost packs are also available, priced at $4.99 to skip five levels, $17.99 to skip 10 levels, and $34.99 to immediately increase 50 levels, with each pack providing rewards without the user needing to complete any of the required missions. More details regarding the Survivor Pass can be obtained here.

Source: PUBG's new winter-themed map, Vikendi, is out now on Xbox One


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Not played this for a long time, new map looks good though

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