Rainbow Six Siege PC Closed Alpha Starts Next Week


May 4, 2013
The Rainbow Siege Siege PC closed alpha is nearly here. Ubisoft announced in a blog post on Friday that the testing period will officially begin on Tuesday, April 7 starting at 7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT. The alpha will come to an end on April 13 at the same time in the morning.

Ubisoft is focusing on three main areas for the Rainbow Six Siege alpha. Ranked in terms of priority, these are (via Ubisoft):
  • Test the core gameplay loops – Siege has reached the point in development where we need your creativity to test the game and validate the experience we've been building. It's still early enough that a lot can change.
  • Test our server infrastructure – Strong online connection and matchmaking is crucial for operating a game as a service. Testing our infrastructure early will help us optimize your experience at launch.
  • General feedback - We've been working on this game for a long time, and having fresh pairs of eyes reviewing the experience helps us figure out any problem areas we might have missed.
Ubisoft also points out the the content featured in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege alpha represents only "a small sample of the full scope of the game." Testers may also encounter bugs and other issues.

"We're looking for passionate testers who understand the nature of a PC Closed Alpha and are willing to work with us on making it better," the developer explained.

You can sign up for a chance to get into the Rainbow Six Siege alpha here.

Ubisoft will also hold a closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege later on. You can guarantee yourself a slot in the beta period by preordering a copy of the game. The final version of Rainbow Six Siege is due to launch across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later this year.

Source: Rainbow Six Siege PC Closed Alpha Starts Next Week - GameSpot