Razer Edge review



May 4, 2013

Your expectations of cutting-edge portable gaming are about to be challenged. With the US launch of the Razer Edge in March and a UK release pending for later this year, we have a device that dares to declare itself all things to all users. On first glance the Edge presents itself as a conventional black-bezeled tablet with a 10.1-inch IPS screen - nothing out of the ordinary, though perhaps a bit over-bulked for the purposes of web browsing and a spot of Angry Birds HD. However, that's because the Edge first and foremost strives to be the most powerful gaming handheld in the market, and it's safe to say that it makes good on that pledge. Crysis 3 on the move? No problem.

With a discrete Nvidia GT 640M LE GPU, the graphical horsepower of this device is absolutely unprecedented in the tablet space. It's a full-on 28nm Kepler chip with support for PhysX, too, which sets it a league apart from the performance of the Intel HD 4000 found in Microsoft's current pack-leader, the Surface Pro.

Processor-wise, we're looking at Intel's ultra-low voltage Ivy Bridge processors. At $999 the cheapest edition comes equipped with a Core i5 CPU clocked at 1.6GHz, while the Pro edition we have for review boasts a Core i7, with its two cores running at 1.9GHz apiece. At its most expensive, the tablet also comes installed with a 256GB SSD, where this higher-tier unit is setting US buyers back by as much as $1499 - obviously not an impulse buy, then. Although Razer is reticent to disclose an official UK price at the moment, this is always destined to convert to a daunting minus number on your credit card bill.

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