Remember Me review



May 4, 2013

Everyone has been through events in their life that they would prefer to forget. But what if you actually could forget them? Or give them to someone else? Or even change your recollection of what happened so that you no longer had to live with the pain, guilt or bitterness that you were left with as a result?

In Remember Me, the first game from French studio Dontnod, scientists have made that breakthrough. It's the late 21st century and the citizens of Neo-Paris - a futuristic metropolis built following a European war - are all equipped with Sensens, devices that allow people to import, export and modify their memories. Those within a bubble of privilege at the centre of the city live in blissful ignorance of their past misdemeanours, waited on by silent robot drones and guarded by electric barricades.

All is not well, however, as players discover when they take control of Nilin, a young woman who is about to have what's left of her memory wiped as punishment for some unnamed crime. With help from a mysterious accomplice named Edge, Nilin escapes into the slums below Neo-Paris, where she experiences the other side of Sensen society.

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