Report: Valve's Steam Controller won't have a touchscreen after all



May 4, 2013
Valve is already making changes to its innovative Steam Controller, a few months after the company announced its plans for the gamepad that will be included in all Steam Machines that will use Valve's SteamOS. According to a report on the site, Valve announced during its Steam Dev Days conference today that the controller will no longer have a touchscreen in the middle when the final version is released.

The report, which is based on Twitter messages coming from developers attending the private two day conference in Seattle, claims that the final Steam Controller will now have a D-pad and ABXY buttons. Apparently this is to ensure that the gamepad will have backwards compatibility with older games. A developer attending the conference later posted an image of the new design on his Twitter account.

Valve has already sent out prototype Steam Controllers to beta testers that have four large buttons in the place where the touchscreen was supposed to go. Today's new report claims that Valve will be making even more changes to the controller as they are still processing feedback from the beta testers. The plan to replace a normal controller's analog sticks with touchpads is apparently still in place.


Source: | Image via Valve


Jul 21, 2013
Preferred the original design, will wait and see what the real thing looks like