Report: Xbox One can be powered for 10 years; software is almost done



May 4, 2013
While Microsoft has yet to announce the official dimensions for the retail Xbox One console, many people who have seen the case at E3 have commented on how large it is. Now a new report claims that the size of the console helps to make it run for 10 years with a continuous power connection.
Eurogamer's Digital Foundry team claims, via unnamed sources, that the Xbox One case was designed to be large in part because they wanted better heat dissipation. The story claims that the testing that has done in house indicates the console can not only run for a decade with power but in standby mode the console is almost silent.

By the way, the current estimate of the Xbox One's dimensions, based on using the size of its known components, are 34x26x8cm, (13.3x10.2x3.1 inches) according to the article.
The same report also claims that the software inside the console is getting close to completion. Microsoft hopes to cut down on load times for Xbox One games, which has been a sore point of Xbox 360 console owners. The Xbox One has been made to keep games in a suspended memory state while the console is in standby mode, which should allow for owners to start playing games quickly when the console goes into its full power mode.

Finally, the story claims that Microsoft will use its upcoming appearance at the Gamescom convention in Germany to show that the Xbox One is capable of starting up instantly from standby mode. Microsoft will hold a press conference on August 20th, the day before the convention opens.