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Resident Evil 7 will be the first AAA third-party Xbox Play Anywhere title

Resident Evil 7 is the first big multiplatform release in 2017 and it was starting to look like PlayStation would be the place to play RE7 but that may have changed! Although you can play the entire game in PSVR on PS4, Resident Evil 7 will be a Xbox Play Anywhere title for Xbox One players.

This means anyone who buys a copy of Resident Evil 7 on Xbox One will also get a Windows 10 copy of the game. Players will be able to transfer saves between each version so they can stop the game on their Xbox One and pick up where they left off on their PC!

The Play Anywhere service launched in 2016 and games like Gears of War 4 have been available with the feature. Resident Evil 7 is the first AAA third-party game that has made its way to the service, which may suggest a sign of things to come. Hopefully, more third-party developers will take advantage of the service!

For those picking up Resident Evil 7, copies have already made their way into the hands of some people meaning there are spoilers (including the ending of the game) out on the internet.

Resident Evil 7 will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on January 24th.