Rumor: PS4 to run PS1 and PS2 games via local software emulation



May 4, 2013
Sony announced that its upcoming PlayStation Now streaming game service would allow older PlayStation games to run on devices like the new PS4. Now a new rumor claims that Sony is working to allow PS1 and PS2 to run on the PS4 via local software emulation.

Eurogamer reports, via unnamed sources, that Sony is "actively pursuing" a strategy to allow PS1 and PS2 games to run on the PS4 and possibly to offer some HD visual improvements as well. The story did not state when Sony plans to add these software emulation features to its new console, which has already sold over 4 million units since launching two and a half months ago.

As far as PlayStation 3 games, the article stated that Sony still plans to offer those titles via streaming on PlayStation Now for PS4 owners. Sony plans to launch a beta for the service sometime this summer.

Both the PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One console launched in November without the ability to play any games from their previous console generation. Microsoft is also reportedly working on its own streaming game service, but it would appear that Sony is much further along in its plans.

Source: Eurogamer


Jul 21, 2013
Hope this is true, will have to fire up the PS3 again